Juan José Cifuentes

Juan José Cifuentes, M.Sc.
PhD student
Phone: +56 (2) 354-1918
juanjo.cifuentes@gmail.com (juanjo NULL.cifuentes null@null gmail NULL.com)

Research project: Structural studies of proteins involved in damaged-DNA recognition and repair

Selected publications:

1)    Annotation of putative AraC/XylS-family transcription factors of known structure but unknown function. Schüller A., Slater A., Norambuena T., Cifuentes J. J., Almonacid L. I., Melo F. J Biomed Biotechnol (2012), 103132, 14 pages

Selected talks and posters:

1)    Common features in damaged DNA detection. Cifuentes JJ, Melo F. International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB), Latin-America, Santiago Chile 2012.

2)    Widened minor groove is a common feature in damaged DNA and protein damage DNA complexes, Cifuentes JJ, Melo F. XXXIV Reunión anual de la sociedad Bioquímica y Biología Molecular Chile. Valdivia, Chile 2011

3)    Common features in damage DNA detection proteins Cifuentes JJ, Melo F International Conference on Bioinformatics. SoiBio 2010, Chillán Chile 2010.

4)    Structural protein motifs that recognize damaged DNA. Cifuentes JJ., Melo F. International Society for Computational Biology(ISCB), Latin-America, Montevideo Uruguay 2010