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A program to assess the quality of a three – dimensional protein structure. It uses a statistical potential at the atomic level and gives an energy profile as ouput.

Details: ReadMe (http://protein NULL.puc NULL.html)
Download binary: Linux 2.4.2-2 (http://protein NULL.puc NULL.tar NULL.gz)
Authors: Melo, F., Feytmans, E.


STOVCA (STructural OVerlap CAlculator) is a software that takes as input a pairwise structure superposition of proteins, DNA or RNA in PDB format generated by any software and produces a standardized structural alignment and its corresponding similarity measures, according to the parameters provided by the user. Therefore, STOVCA allows the direct comparison and ranking of structural superpositions generated by any structure superposition software

Download binary: Download Page (http://melolab NULL.html)
Authors: Slater, A.W., Castellanos, J., Sippl, M.J. and Melo, F.


This software calculates a consensus melting temperature (Tm) for any given short DNA sequence (16-30 nts) using a merged method that is based on three different thermodynamic tables.

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Authors: Panjkovich, A., Norambuena, T. and Melo, F.


StAR is a software that computes ROC curves and several related statistics to assess the significance of their differences in performance.

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Authors: Vergara, I.A., Norambuena, T., Ferrada, E., Slater, A.W. and Melo, F.


SAT (Sequence Alignment Teacher) is a software to teach about sequence alignment methods based on dynamic programming such as Smith – Waterman (Local) and Needleman – Wunsch (Global).

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Authors: Ibarra, I and Melo, F.