Visualization and Analysis of Protein-DNA Binding Interfaces

Manual: PDIviz guide
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Version: PDIviz 1.2.3 [2018-03-12]


  • Added support for old PDB formats

Authors: Judemir Ribeiro, Francisco Melo, Andreas Schüller
Contact: aschueller@bio.puc.cl (aschueller null@null bio NULL.puc NULL.cl)

Licensed under the terms of the MIT license. Copyright (c) 2015 Judemir Ribeiro, Francisco Melo, Andreas Schüller

Incorporates the color_b.py script by Robert L. Campbell, Copyright (c) 2004. Used with permission.

PDIviz is a plugin for the PyMOL molecular visualization system that is specifically designed to visualize protein-DNA interfaces in three dimensions. PDIviz detects the interface of protein-DNA complexes by calculating the buried surface area directly in PyMOL. The plugin provides a total of nine distinct 3D visualization modes to highlight interactions with DNA bases and backbone, major and minor groove, and with atoms of different pharmacophoric type.

1. Load a protein-DNA complex in PyMOL, e.g. execute the command: fetch 1bl0
2. Open the plugin
3. Click on one of the nine visualization buttons

Original algorithm: Andreas Schueller <aschueller@bio.puc.cl>
Plugin implementation: Judemir Ribeiro <jribeiro@uc.cl>
Project leader: Francisco Melo <fmelo@bio.puc.cl>

How to cite:
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